DIY NFC with Arduino and magnet wire

If you haven’t been paying attention lately you might want to know that the next big thing in mobile is going to be Near Filed Communication (NFC). Google recently accounced their Wallet initiative and Apple is rumored to be working on something similar.

But what about those of use who don’t have any NFC devices? Well if you’ve got an Android then take a look at Joe Desbonnet’s “poor man’s NFC” using an Arduino, some magnet wire, and any compass-equipped Android smartphone.

With a little effort, a simple coil of wire connected to the Arduino is able to send data, to another device!

Now I know I’ve got some enameled copper wire somewhere around here…

ADK + Midi Controller + Xoom + Player Piano = Smooth tunes

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Vision based pan/tilt tracking mount using Android ADK

Nice example of utilizing the servos to follow a coloured object.

Easy Peripheral Controller

Here’s a great project for anyone new to the Android ADK or robotic hardware in general. The Easy Peripheral Controller is

A library of abstractions for commonly used peripherals (sensors and actuators) and MCU platforms like the ADK, to make it easier to connect from your Android app to the world.

Starting out with the ADK and Demo kit in its stock form, and some example code of how to create your own sketch for an Arduino based ADK board.

Other have been working on a labyrinth style tilt examples too.

Disco Droids!

I had this idea too but only have one droid so I didn’t want to destroy it.

The Seeduino — a cheaper way to create your Android ADK accessories.

Since Google IO, the $400 Google Android Open Accessory kits have been hard to come by—even though the cost can be a barrier for small hobby makers. To help fill demand and offer a much cheaper solution Seeed Studio is now offering a much cheaper ($80) “Seeeduino ADK” board which is fully compatible with Google’s ADK.

Be aware however, this is only the base board (Mega2560 compatible) so you don’t get the nice Android Demo Shield and all the IO components that come with the official kit.

Check it out here and order yours today.

What’s in the Android Accessory Development Kit…